Christmas Map Contest – Winners Announced (Ended!)

It’s time for our yearly Christmas Map Contest! Prizes include smartphones, gift cards and more. Thank you for being a part of this community!


All winners have been contacted via email. If you didn’t receive any email make sure to check your spam / junk inbox!

One more note: 1st and 2nd prizes have to be collected within a week, otherwise they will expire!

First Prize: Coolbro Gaming

Second Prize: OfficialSnoey

Google Play Gift Card ($25 USD) x 20 (Random Winners):

Google Play Gift Card ($100 USD) x 5 (Random Winners):

Samsung Galaxy S7 (Random Winner):



  • 1st Prize (person who is first to submit the correct codes):
    • Samsung Galaxy S7 (Smartphone) (~$550 USD)
    • Google Play Gift Card  ($25 USD)
    • LEGO: Minecraft Dungeon Building Kit ($18.36 USD)
  • 2nd Prize (person who is second to submit the correct codes):
    • Samsung Galaxy S7 (Smartphone) (~$550 USD)
  • Random Gifts (people picked at random who have submitted the correct codes)
    • Samsung Galaxy S7 (Smartphone) (~$550 USD) (1 Product!)
    • Google Play Gift Card ($25 USD) (20 Gift Cards!)
    • JINX Minecraft Merchandise (20+ Products!) Changed this to Google Play Gift Card ($100 USD) (5 Gift Cards!)

Note: If you win a smartphone and it doesn’t exist in a store in your country with a similar value to what we mentioned here then you will get $500 cash (via PayPal) instead.

How to Participate in the Contest?

All of the following steps are required for participating in this event.

1. Download and install the map/world. Complete five minigames to find 5 different codes. Make sure to remember the correct order of the codes.

Christmas Map .McWorld (Download)
Christmas Map .ZIP

2. Click here to submit the codes and some other information (link disabled – event has ended). The codes must be spelled out exactly as you saw them in the map with no typos.

Make sure that you’ve completed all three steps or risk being disqualified.

The contest will end on 27 December, 2016. Winners will be announced on this page and on Twitter latest on 31 December, 2016.

Thank You!

Jannik_DE & Joel_DE: Just one week ago I asked them if they could help create this map and without hesitation they told me yes. I truly appreciate the effort they put into creating the map and the final result is pretty amazing. Good work guys!



Thank you and have a Merry Christmas!