Kaboom: Snow Mountain Village

As soon as you’ve spawned you will see the village just a bit further ahead. The village is divided in two biomes. One being in a plains biome and the other half in a snow biome. Some farms and houses has been generated on the side of a mountain which surely makes the seed look even more cool.

In the village you will find a blacksmith and in the blacksmith’s chest you will find the following items.

  • 1 gold ingot
  • 4 bread loaves
  • 6 ink sacks

Snow villages are incredible rare in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Currently we’ve only come across one of these ones before. Read more about it here.

screenshot-2015-07-19-12-48 screenshot-2015-07-19-12-46_3

Seed: Kaboom
Found by: Pr1me