455473902: Village Island & Blacksmith

This is a really cool survival island with one village and a blacksmith. The island is one of many in an enormous ocean with no mainland to be seen anywhere close. There is some grassland on the island which adds a good chance of animals like sheep and pigs spawning on the island.

Found by: KILLAKYLE22

One half is situated out in the water and the remaining half is located two small islands. It’s a fairly small village with just a few houses and farms. It’s great to use as a survival adventure seed as it provides a challenge of gathering enough resources to be able to travel safely to the mainland – wherever it can be found.


There is one blacksmith in the village and the loot in the chest is quite nice actually. Some iron items, food and even an emerald.

  • 2 iron leggings
  • 6 bread
  • 2 iron ingots
  • 2 apples
  • 1 emerald


Seed: 455473902