-24517192: Rare Mesa Village

Mesa villages don’t exist unless they are generated by mistake due to some weird terrain glitch. That’s the precise case in this seed because here you will find a small village which has been generated in three different biomes (desert, jungle and mesa) but primarily in the mesa biome. It’s really cool because parts of the village is actually generated on top of the mountain.

Found by: ipodzgaming

The spawn is in a jungle which borders a desert and a mesa biome. Once you’ve spawned turn to your right and walk in that direction until you find the village. It shouldn’t take very long to get there.


The village has been looks as if it has been integrated into the the mesa mountain and two of the houses and some farms have been generated on top of the mountain.


Closeby the village there’s a cave which can be used to go almost all the way down to bedrock level. But there are already some nice gold ores near the surface so you don’t have to walk far to find the good stuff.


If you want to explore the seed further then we recommend watching the video down below.

Seed: -24517192