BombGra: Jungle Village & Two Desert Temples

This seed is great for survival adventures as it provides plenty of resources as soon as entering the world. Two desert temples packed with all types of valuable treasures: diamonds, emeralds, iron and gold ingots and then not far away a jungle village which have tons of farms from which you can get food. It has all the necessary resources for you to get well prepared for your continued adventures in Minecraft!

Found by: Telepathic Grunt

Once you’ve spawned turn around and fly in that direction until reaching a river. Continue forward, crossing over the river, to reach the desert.

By now you should be able to see the first desert temple just ahead of you and then the jungle village on your left.


Let’s begin by having a look at the desert temples. Once you’ve reached the first one you will find the second one just a little bit further ahead. You can see them marked on the screenshot down below.


In the center of each desert temple there are some colored blocks. Destroy these blocks to access the secret treasure room. In total you will find the following items (both temples combined);

  • 3 diamond
  • 3 emeralds
  • 28 iron ingots
  • 30 gold ingots
  • 28 rotten flesh
  • 35 bones

Once you’ve collected all the treasures then head back to the jungle village to go on and explore it.


In the center of the village you will find a blacksmith. And in the blacksmith’s chest you will find the following items:

  • 1 iron pickaxe
  • 1 iron boots
  • 1 iron ingot
  • 3 apples

The reason why we say it’s a jungle village is because some parts of the village is located in the jungle biome which is situated right next to the desert biome.

village-temples-5 village-temples-4

Seed: BombGra