-36599876: Almost A Jungle Village

Here’s a very different village. It’s not an ordinary village because it has partly been generated in a jungle biome which causes some of the houses in the village to be covered with vines. It takes a little bit of walking to get there but it’s fairly easy to find it. We’ll let you know exactly how to get there.

Found by: ipodzgaming

Turn completely around once you’ve spawned and follow the right border of the jungle biome. After a while you will notice a dirt road which is the first sign of the jungle village.

junglevillage4 junglevillage1

The reason why we titled the seed “Almost A Jungle Village” is that it isn’t a jungle village in its entirety. Only a few houses have been generated in the jungle biome while the rest is actually in a flat grass and birch landscape. Either way it’s definitely a unique and interesting seed to explore.

junglevillage3 junglevillage2

Seed: -36599876