1674738314: Amplified Mountains

This seed is perfect if you are looking for a mountainous terrain. Just a little further away from spawn you will be able to find lots of extreme mountains which almost touch the clouds. It’s also fairly easy to find lava, waterfalls and beautiful views. All in all, it’s a great seed!

Found by: Piomex, Twitter Account

Once you’ve spawned turn to your right and then further into the distance (obviously depending on your render distance) you should be able to get a glimpse of the extreme mountains.


There are tons of epic overhangs, caverns, waterfalls and lavafalls. There is lots of things to explore down there and quite a few of monsters. If you test it out in survival make sure to bring a weapon.

amplified-mountains-2 amplified-mountains-3

Fly around (in creative mode) and you will find lots of beautiful views, like this one overlooking the sea.


Seed: 1674738314