24517192: Perfect Survival Island

In this seed you will spawn on the most perfect survival island I’ve ever come across in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The thing which makes it perfect (in my mind) is the shape and the natural resources available on the island. In the center of the island there’s like an overhanging hill with lots of trees. Here you can also find cows, pigs and other animals which spawn on grass.

Found by: Sninlak

Another cool thing is that it got a natural waterfall. Water isn’t really much of an importance on an island but it’s just a cool looking feature.


Here’s an image of the mountain/hill overhang.


Here’s an entrance leading down to a tunnel.


The tunnel leads to a dead end. And for some reason the water doesn’t flood the tunnel.

perfect-survival-island-1 perfect-survival-island-2

Seed: 24517192