-560637684: Savannah Island

This seed spawns you on a small island out in the ocean. But the main thing which I find interesting is the somewhat larger neighbouring island. It’s actually the first survival island (at least which I’ve come across) which consists only of a savannah biome.

Found by: Minecraft PE Seed Picker / BossGamerTv5

Turn around as soon as you’ve spawned and fly diagonally to your left for 100-200 blocks and you’ll soon reach the savannah island. It’s really an amazing place which I’ve never seen anything like before in Minecraft.

It’s the first savannah island I’ve actually come across. (At least one which has been naturally generated by the Minecraft seed generator.) There are approximately 15 trees on the island and that should be enough resources to help build your first house.

In the very center of the island you’ll find a small pond. It’s a really nice fishing spot.

Seed: -560637684