-855752033: Most Glitched Village

This is the most glitched village which I’ve ever come across. More than half of all structures are in some way or another glitched. Some of them have missing walls and others just in some way look weird. This is not something new as it has been numerous examples in the past of similar world generations but this one surely takes the prize.

Found by: HaniharuGaming

Either a villager got a little drunk on the job or someone misplaced the blueprint. Either way, it’s clear that the villagers probably need your help to fix it.

The crops sure need water, but I’m not sure if it’s a genius move (or just ridiculous) to build it in a river.

Come on.. why did they place this wall here?

Don’t ask, I am just as confused as you to what they were trying to build here.

Who needs walls?!

There’s a blacksmith, but also that building is generated in the river.

Seed: -855752033