274644153: Igloo At Spawn

Here’s the perfect seed if you are looking to find an igloo structure. You really won’t have to travel any long distances to get there since you’ve literally spawned very close it. An igloo provides the most basic shelter, and in this case also a access to a secret lair which you can explore underneath the igloo.

Found by: coolenderman

The spawn is no more than 50 blocks away from the igloo. There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to see it as soon as you’ve spawned. Just turn slightly to your left and you’ll see it situated in the snow biome.

The igloo is by no means a luxurious structure, but it does provide some shelter for the night.

Inside the igloo you will find a bed, a crafting table and a furnace. Basically the essential things you’ll need for surviving. If you break one of the carpets on the floor then you’ll be able to find a secret trapdoor.

Open the secret trapdoor and then climb down the ladder to reach a hidden room. Here you will find a chest with some coal, rotten flesh and a golden apple. There are also a villager and a zombie imprisoned here. You can read more about the secret lair here.

Seed: 274644153