187626364: Ice Spikes Village Close to Spawn

Here’s a great seed which will spawn you just a few hundred blocks away from a nice little snow village situated in an ice spikes biome. Even though most parts of the village is useless it’s still a nice place since the location it has been generated looks really beautiful.

Found by: pinkkatz

The spawn is in a plains biome. Cross over the river to enter into the snow biome. Then turn to your right (as seen in the image down below) and walk towards the ice spikes biome.

Walk through the ice spikes forest and then cross over another open field of snow. Soon you’ll reach a small hill and then behind that hill you’ll find a small river and then the ice spikes village.

There village is quite small and doesn’t offer much else than some shelter. The farms are useless since it’s too much snow for anything to grow and there is no blacksmith. But it’s still a quite neat village situated in a beautiful biome.

Seed: 187626364