Villager Boss Add-on

The Villager Boss Add-on turns the normal villagers into three-headed maniacs. Villagers are known for their friendliness towards players but not anymore. Most living things they see they will in some way try to kill. It definitely adds a new element of difficulty to the game.

Creator: DestroyerGamer, Twitter Account

Looting villages have never been more difficult! The Boss Villagers replace all normal villagers and they are extremely hostile and dangerous. You really don’t want to get in their way.


Baby boss villagers are more difficult to take down than the adults because they are much smaller and have an equal amount of health (1000) and attack damage (10) to their parents.


Just to see how quick they are to kill I spawned five cows and then a boss villager. It took 5 seconds before all cows were killed.


The iron golem is one of few mobs which have quite a lot of health. But even an iron golem has no chance against a boss villager.