Fallen Earth (Hardcore) [CTM]

Over the past two years have Fallen Earth been worked on by its creator. It’s an amazingly inspiring world with lots of exploration and discoveries to be made. Even though the world is fairly small (only 256×256 in size) it is a feast for the eyes as there are lots of details nicely embedded in every inch of the map. The vast amount of things to explore also makes the map feel bigger than what it actually is.

Hopefully you will just as us fall in love with the map on an instant.

CTM – what is that?

Fallen Earth was primarily meant just to be an ordinary adventure map but later turned into what now is a CTM (short for complete the monument) map.

CTM is similar to adventure maps except it doesn’t follow a strict storyline. It’s more of a world where you can freeroam and explore the map as you like within fewer guidelines. It’s not quick win but a map which should be played over a longer amount of time. Resources and items need to be collected and placed in areas you’ve been told by signs and similar in the map.

Exploration plays a big part in CTM maps as many of the materials needed to complete the map are hidden deep in the caverns and other places which require bravery to explore.

Creator: Atheo

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